Ehtisham Khalid April 5, 2017

Vlogs is the shortened term of video blogging or video blogs. In vlogs just like written blogs the things or idea is shown in video form. By vlog you can share your views ideas and daily routine with your audience. You may show the things in a perfect way from vlog which you want. If you are not good in writing a blog for your ideas, It’s not a big deal now a days you can easily deliver it by vlog.

The personal life routine, the creative ideas you can share everything via vlog with your friends and target audience. If you are perfect in anything you can teach it to others from your vlog to the others people in just a simple or easy way. In the vlog now a days mostly people share the daily life routine and record the amazing things to entertain their audience.

Vlogging had a strong increase in popularity in 2005. The Yahoo vlog group have its membership increase significantly in 2005. One of the most biggest video sharing site You Tube, was founded in February 2005. After one year it became the 5th most popular web site, which had a 100 million videos viewed daily and 65000 new uploads per day.

Most of the sources on internet make enabled the inclusion of video content, allowing bloggers to host and administer their own video blogging sites. Along with it the convergence of cell phones with digital front cameras allows publishing of video content to the web almost as it is recorded.

The vlog has two types, the one is personal vlogs and the other is live broadcasting vlogs. The personal vlog is an online video in which you record any individual to deliver information that you intend to introduce to your friends and audience. The video sharing website You Tube introduced live broadcasting feature in 2008. By this the vlog getting more popularity.

You Tube is one of the most top three most visited sites on the internet. As a very huge traffic area for video bloggers, or vloggers, You Tube has established a platform for vloggers to present their vlog. The vlogs popularity on the platform of You Tube has risen exponentially in the back few years. From the top 100 most subscribed You Tube channels, 17 channels are for vlogs. Almost all of these vloggers are a part of the You Tube partner program, which allows for monetary gain from video production.

That professionalization help increase exposure to a lot of channels as well as establish a sense of stability within the field or niche. Also this feature allows content makers to be deemed a credible source by their viewers. Furthermore, many vloggers have been able to turn their channels into sustainable careers. In 2013 the highest paid vlogger earn a minimum of $720,000 for the year.

Notice is taken by Hollywood of this medium, and has placed its value ranked over other entertainment companies such as Marvel, which was recently bought out by Disney.

Now lets take a review some people which become millionaires by doing vlogging on You Tube. These people upload vlog mostly on daily bases in which they showing their expensive life style or other amazing things. Here is a list of top 10 You Tuber.

On number 10; Tanner Fox, he is only 16 years old and now going to be the one of the famous vloggers on You Tube. In his vlog he show doing many entertainment things like cliff diving and trampoline tricks. The You Tube channel of Tanner Fox has more than 2 million subscribers which earned him around $230K from ad revenue. He also making money with affiliate links from companies like Uber and Vault Scooters. From his earning he was able to purchase a white Nissan GTR. The total net worth of Tanner Fox is round about $250,000.

On number 09; Adam Saleh, he is from NYC and show many interesting things in his vlogs like traveling to Dubai and hanging off cliffs. Adam has two You Tube channels with a combined total of 503M views so that earned him around more than five lac us dollars from ad revenue. He also earning money from other things like going on tour. From his earning he was able to buy his dad a brand new Toyota SUV. The total net worth of Adam Saleh is $1,000,000.

On number 08; FouseyTube, he is a very popular You Tuber who became famous for his pranks but now focuses on daily vlogging. One very likeable thing about Fousey’s Vlogs is hhe is a lot more open with is viewers than most vloggers are. Fousey has two big channels with a combined total of 1.88B views which earned him around $1.8M from ad revenue. Fousey also earning money from other things like going on tours, starring in movies and selling merchandis. Fousey has bought many things with his You Tube fortune like a custom BMW, Motorcycles, a Rolex watch and a fabulous house. The net worth of the Fousey Tube is $3,000,000.

On number 07; Mo Vlogs, he is wealthy vlogger from dubai who uploads everyday. The Mo Vlogs show him doing awesome things like hanging out with famous rapper Sliento and billionaire entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin. Mo’s channel has 322M views so that earned him around $322K from ad revenue. However Mo comes from a very wealthy family. His sister owns a Lamborghini Huracan and Mo owns a Mustang GT California special, which he paid for in cash! The net worth of Mo Vlogs is more than three million dollars.

On number 06; Casey Neistat, he is one of the best vloggers on You Tube. He puts a lot of effort into filming and editing his vlogs and does many interesting things like travel around the world and tell interesting stories about his life. Casey’s You Tube Channel has 1.078B views which earned him around $1 million.  He has earned from other ventures like when he sold his Tv series to HBO for $2 Million. Due to large following online companies will often give him free stuff like boosted Board, electric skateboards, and Samsung phones. Casey was also given a free upgrade to First class on the Emirates Airline, which is worth around $24,000. Casey has estimated net worth of $4 Million.

On number 05; BF vs GF, this vlogging channel is run by Jesse Wellens and Jean Smith, who use to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They used to upload vlogs everyday but since the breakup they only upload around 1 vlog a week. They have two You Tube channels BF vs GF and Prank Vs Prank, with a combined total of 4.474B views, which earned them around $4.4M from ad revenue and they also make money from merchandise. They both don’t flaunt their wealth too much. The combined net worth of them are $5,000,000.

On number 04; Family Fun Pack, it is a You Tube vlogging channel primarily made for children. This channel shows the life of two parents and their five children doing fun things like dressing up as iron man and going to the fair. This channel has over 6.9B views which earned them around $6.9M from ad revenue. They have multiple videos with hundreds of millions of views which is crazy for a vlog channel. This You Tube family has an estimated net worth of $7 Million.

On number 03; Roman Atwood, He is rose to fame with his viral prank videos but now focuses on daily vlogging. His vlogs showcase him and his family doing interesting things everyday like playing with a flame thrower and skydiving. Roman Atwood is one of the most popular You Tubers of this year with each of his daily vlogs getting at least 2 million views. He has two channels have a combined total of 3 billion views which earned him around $3.7 M from ad revenue.

He also advertise many products in his vlogs like phone apps which makes him a ton of money. On top of that he starred in a big movie, Natural Born Pranksters and tours around the world, which makes him even more money. With all this money coming in Roman was able to buy his dad a brand new corvette for his birthday. The estimated net worth of Roman Atwood is $8 Million.

On number 02; Meet The Vloggers; it is a family vlog channel run by Laila Swann and her brother Kei. Their You Tube channel is pretty small compared to the others on this list. They have only 24 Million views. The source of their wealth most like comes from their parents. They own many expensive cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG GT as Aston Martin. One time they even tipped a waiter seventeen thousand euros. The estimated net worth of them are more than $20,000,000.

Last but not least on number 01; Shay Carl, he is a You Tube OG and one of the first vloggers on YouTube. He started around 10 years ago and still uploads vlogs almost every single day of him and his family. He has two big channels with a combined total of 2.7B views which earned him around $2.7M from ad revenue. He has an estimated net worth of $50,000,000.

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